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Prostitution in the United States

            ´╗┐Prostitution in the United States.
             At any time of day, women of all ages from all over the world are put on display in brothels and sex clubs and offered for sale. Prostitution continues to be an issue that clouds the thoughts of many Americans. It is considered the world's oldest profession because it has been around for centuries. Some believe that prostitution is "harmless fun;" others say that it is "modern-day slavery." Similar to the debate over abortion, citizens question exactly to what extent people have a choice to do what they want with their bodies and how others are affected by these choices. Although it is currently illegal in most of the states in the United States, a growing number of voices have called for it to be legalized. The fundamental question remains the same: should people be allowed to purchase other human beings for sexual gratification? Prostitution should not be legal in the United States because it does not benefit the prostitutes, it encourages other sex-related issues, the size of the industry expands quickly, and it promotes the objectification of women. .
             A prostitute is hurt more than helped by his or her profession. Many people believe that prostitutes benefit from their job, but they underestimate the associated struggles. Firstly, a prostitute's working conditions are characterized by "substandard wages or income, overly long working hours, and dependency upon third parties" . People who willingly prostitute themselves typically get involved as a result of feelings of helplessness or a need for guidance, and they receive insufficient funds for suitable living. Therefore, salary is not an appropriate motive for otherwise dangerous duties, and the workers get trapped in this harmful, cyclical pattern. According to a study, this pattern includes high percentages of unwanted pregnancies and miscarriages, rape, aggravated assault, torture, and sexually transmitted diseases (Raymond).

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