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The World of Prostitution

            "If only I knew what was in store for me here, in this crazy place, this place that so many people admire, this place they all want to come to, a place where we, Africans, are considered as good for nothing, slaves who are made to eat human excrements and consume their urine. Some find it normal that sick people, perverts, and rich people use their money and influence to gravely abuse other humans. They say that we are adults and therefore consenting, but this is not true because no one asked for my consent before throwing me into this hell hole. I was forced and threatened; and if we are adults, what about the kids who find themselves in this milieu? Those people pay a lot to abuse the youngest ones" (Amely-James Bela, La prostitution africaine en Occident). .
             There have been hundreds of thousands of people that have gone through exactly what she went through. Unless one is a cruel and heartless person, the one should realize the wrong in this. Prostitution and human trafficking, one of the oldest jobs ever known to us humans, has become a great problem in this past century. Even though it may be stated in the constitution or have the potential to increase the economy, the effects of this happening are much worse and put any good opposing arguments down. Prostitution has led to the trafficking of humans by force, a great rise in sexually transmitted diseases and it has affected and will continue to affect the youth and people around us. .
             Prostitution is one of the oldest and most well known jobs there has been throughout history. The first recorded history of prostitution laws can be traced all the way back to 18th century BC, in the legendary codes of Hammurabi. A translation of this code done by Tom Head, an ancients history researcher, states, "If a 'sister of god,' or a prostitute, receives a gift from her father and a deed in which it has been explicitly stated that she may dispose of it as she pleases, then she may leave her property to whomsoever she pleases"" (Head).

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