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Reasons for Legalizing Prostitution

             Legalizing Prostitution and the Possible Impacts.
             For quite some time, the idea of Legalizing Prostitution has been and most likely will continue to be a hot topic to debate. The argument that prostitution is a "victimless crime " has been thrown around by people who believe it should be legalized. The definition of the word ˜Prostitution', according to Merriam Webster, is "The act of having sex in exchange for money. ". It is common for people to misunderstand the different types of prostitution. Streetwalking is a form of prostitution that is much less formal. It typically involves a client meeting a prostitute in a public place like a street corner, or an alleyway. This form of prostitution often involves drugs, assaults, and other types of exploitations and is dangerous to all parties involved (Long 1). There is another form of prostitution called Private Prostitution and it is much different from Streetwalking. In Private Prostitution, a worker and the client will agree to meet in a public place and agree on prices and services, then proceed to carry out the deal. Window Workers are a subcategory of Private Prostitution which involves a client examining a prostitute through a window. Once the client has made a selection, they will go inside and make arrangements through a receptionist. This allows the client to be screened before meeting with the prostitute. .
             Yes, in the United States it is illegal to have sex in exchange for money, but should it be? With prostitution being legal in many countries throughout the world, many Americans are calling for it to also be legal in the United States. Theres no doubt that legalizing sex in exchange for money could have some legitimate benefits, but do they also outweigh the negative consequences that could potentially come as well. .
             It's no secret that the United States as a whole is becoming more and more focused on individual rights and freedoms; Whether that be in the form of homosexual marriages, or the usage of marijuana in society, or something even as simple as tattoos in the workplace.

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