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The Legalization of Prostitution

            Prostitution is one of the oldest controversies in the world. Its practice that began in early centuries is defined as the act of offering the body as a sexual instrument to one person or a group of people in exchange of money. Some people connect the word prostitution with vulgar, trashy and worthless because prostitutes are viewed as law breakers in some countries like united state but even where it is legal to be practiced like in New Zealand, prostitutes usually live in reclusion, they are not free to present their occupations as would any other person. The debate on the prostitution is still open and the question on legalizing it has to be solved. While some think that congress should be mindful of its practice under the table and save tax payer some money, others still think that it is the most immoral practice that exist (our body should not be reduced to a product on which people can bargain). Reviewing arguments on the pros and the cons of lawful prostitution in different countries with its outcome on the society may enlighten us to better understand why prostitution should or should not be legalized.
             Prostitution can be practiced in so many forms and it is important to understand what can really be considerered as an act of prostitution prior to the examination of its legalization. Prostitution could be practiced in two differents forms direct or indirect.
             Some forms of direct prostitution include:.
             Street (solicitation is done in street, vehicles, or other public areas like parks), .
             Brothel (solicitation is done in specific places considered as legal for this type of activities), Escort/private (phone sex is provides via companies), .
             Window or doorway .
             Club, bars dance halls, and other forms of solicitations.
             Forms prostitution considered to be indirect are.
             Bondage and discipline: playing a role in theater with sex fantasy.
             Lap dancing: close erotic dance without sexual intercourse.

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