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Legalizing Prostitution

             It is quite hard to deny the fact that prostitution has been around forever. It is exactly for this reason that it is often referred to as one of the oldest professions. Yet despite this fact, most people in our society choose to ignore the issues and pretend that it does not exist. It is shunned because it is thought of as immoral, unconventional, and dirty.
             In Canada, all acts of prostitution are illegal. There are constant debates about whether this should remain so, be legalized, be regulated by the government, or simply be decriminalized and deregulated. In my opinion, I believe that criminalization does nothing to solve the problematic issue and I think that prostitution should be legalized and also regulated. I find that there are many more benefits to legalization and that the current position (full illegality) does not work.
             When the issues of what should be done about prostitution come up, there are primarily six points that are raised and debated. I think that these are strong points and they show the benefits of legalization.
             The first main issue deals with the idea that legalization would control the spread of venereal diseases . There have not been many studies done on this issue, and many individuals feel that prostitution does spread many diseases. One study done concluded that female prostitutes do not make a significant contribution to the spread of STD's even though they may be more frequently infected than the average person . Even though they may not contribute as much as is believed, they do still pose quite the risk of spreading since they are more likely to be infected. If legalized, one of the regulations of prostitution could be a monthly medical check up. This would ensure that the Prostitutes are disease-free and could receive the proper care necessary if sick.
             Another issue raised is that legalization would minimize the nuisances associated with street prostitution .

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