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The Legalization of Prostitution

             It's 2am and the sound of the doorbell awakens you. You go downstairs to see flashing police lights beaming through your window. You open the door and two officers greet you by name. They deliver the devastating news that your husband for the last six months, caused a head on collision and was killed instantly. You go down to the station to claim his belongings. You open his briefcase to only find the life insurance policies you asked him to mail weeks ago were unsigned. Your life flashes before your eyes. You think about your three children. What will you do? How will you take care of them? .
             You've never had a job in your life. Bills begin to pile up. You're eventually evicted and forced to live in your car. It's below freezing and your children are crying because they're hungry. You have no money for food. What will you do? Rob someone? Steal from somewhere? While out begging for money, a man approaches you and says I can help you, if you will help me. You're asking yourself, what does he want? He pulls out two $50 bills and says all I need is 10-20 minutes. Ask yourself, what would you do to feed your children? Would you consider selling your body if the price was right? .
             II. (Reveal Topic) .
             Today I encourage you to keep an open mind as I discuss prostitution, and ask you to sign a petition to legalize it. .
             III.(Credibility Statement).
             Five years ago that woman in the story you just heard was a good friend of mine. She married her high school sweet heart and moved to China with him, for he had to take care of his sick parents. She was alone in a foreign country. Cast out by his family because she was black, she had nowhere to turn. She lost everything in a matter of months. She searched for work, but being 24 with no work history, and unable to speak Chinese, finding employment became nearly impossible. At that moment, she chose to do what she thought she could never do. She laid down and gave herself to him.

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