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Legalize Prostitution

            Do you know what is said to be the oldest profession in the world? Well it is prostitution. The textbook definition of prostitution is the act or practice of engaging in sexual acts for money. Prostitutes may also be refined to as hookers, Street walkers, call girls, escorts, and madams. Even though prostitution is known as the oldest profession in the world it is outlawed in every state expect 12 rural counties in Nevada. If the government makes prostitution legal it will slow the transfer of STD's, reduce crime, and give more tax money to the government. The ban on prostitution is also a violation of our freedom of choice. If prostitution is legalized it will be regulated by the government. The act of prostitution would take place in a brothel, which is also known as a horror house. Brothels are facilities in which the .
             prostitutes would work in instead of street walking, which is illegal.
             First off, Legalizing prostitution would lower the STD rate. Licensed brothel workers undergo weekly state- mandatory medical examinations for gonorrhea, herpes, and monthly blood tests for syphilis. The brothels are also required to be licensed, taxed and even given a "health inspections just like a restaurant. In 1986, the Nevada Board of Health began requiring HIV antibody tests and monthly tests thereafter as a condition of employment. If a brothel worker or applicant is found to be positive their employment is terminated or denied. According to freedom daily, roughly ½ of street prostitutes in Washington and New York have a STD. Yet in Nevada where prostitution is legal, only few of the state-licensed prostitutes tested positive for an STD. Legalized prostitution has shown that prostitutes who work in brothels practice safe sex and are less likely to contract an STD. George Flint, Director of Nevada Brothel Association points with pride that in 1990, 300 prostitutes were tested and none tested positive for HIV, and by contrast, out of 300 tested illegal street walkers, 10% had HIV.

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