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History of Prostitution in America

            "There are some questions so painful and perplexing that statesmen, moralists and philanthropists shrink from them by common consent; out of all these questions prostitution is the darkest, the knottiest, and saddest"(Gilfoyle:0). The geography of prostitution is based on the area of social trends and acceptance. The most visible evidence of this is the rapid rise in the number of brothels and "bawdy houses" in New York during the 1820's. Prostitution became increasingly more involved in urban life even though being criminalized by law. Yet the people who decide the legislation on prostitution were some of its most loyal and profitable customers. Prostitution is an unharmful act and should be legalized, regardless of society's uneducated opinion on the matter. Prostitution should be legalized for the facts that it would generate a substantial amount of income for the federal government as a means of taxation; legalization would suppress the spread of venereal and it would also reduce the amount of crime along with physical violence which occurs in the commercial sex trade.
             In the majority of states, prostitution is suppressed to illegal activity and many believe it to be a form of immoral actions. But in Nevada, the state became famous by grasping and promoting the un-popular commercial sex trade, which was banned elsewhere in other states. Prostitution has become a legitimate cash crop.
             Nevada began legalizing prostitution during the early 1970's; since then, they have been gaining multiple benefits economically from many different prostitution-related sources. Some of these revenues were generated from licensing fees, property tax, work card fees, and liquor licenses. In total prostitution pumps more than fifty million into a county's income annually, and has a total economic impact of over four hundred million a year.(MSNBC.com).
             Legalizing and recognizing prostitution as a profitable and valuable service to an enormous amount of sexually deprived customers, would increase tax incomes by millions, maybe even billions of dollars every year and significantly decrease the millions of U.

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