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Prostitution: Should it be legalized?

            Prostitution: Should it be legalized?.
             According to Nevada state law, prostitution is just another way to make a good, honest, earned living just like any other job. But the rest of the U.S. is convinced that it should be banned because it is very illegal indeed. Most would agree that the main problem with prostitution is that it cannot be taxed in a way that it pleases both parties. Even the various counties in Nevada are having problems with customers of prostitution complaining that the women who work hard for their money are not getting paid enough of their money. Its either taxes are too much from one side, or this legal prostitution is not making enough income based on the governmental risk being taken, so taxes are increased. Prostitution is defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as "the act or practice of indulging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money". Although, some people such as myself see this promiscuous activity as evil/ungodly like and downright just wrong. There are many people who are for prostitution as well as those against prostitution. The way people (males and females in general) feel towards prostitution is somewhat similar to the way people feel about marijuana. Many individuals are involved with the process of smoking marijuana, but if they were ever questioned about abusing marijuana themselves, they would deny it to the fullest and be totally against it. I myself use to be amongst those in that category before I became a college student in the year 2000. The problem is you can't test random people for evidence of prostitution like universities test for marijuana or any drugs in athletes: or in any one for that matter. .
             Fact is, like marijuana, prostitution is nationally known, but only locally accepted behind closed doors. And if you get caught, you"re a disgrace towards your society. In all the readings and general research I've performed and all the tidbits and tricks of the trade I've learned, I will now attempt to be so bold and question whether prostitution should be illegal? Or better yet, should prostitution be legal?.

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