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Legalizing Prostitution in America

            Today Americans face a lot of political issues because of government decisions. The land that we live in is unjust and control the people within it. We as American are suppose to have freedoms such as speech and religion, but find ourselves restricted because it may be unjust or morally incorrect. Fact, people have sexual relations with others and is a given right with everyone and anyone of their choosing. The question is how come when a woman specifically has sexual relations with someone and is paid and slapped with a title of prostitute it is considered illegal, immorally incorrect, and causes tax payers to pay for it? Prostitution is taken the focus of what really needs to be solved in America, doubling up our law enforcement duty, and should be legalized.
             Prostitution has been a lifelong battle that has been fought by states and their law enforces for many years. Women sell their bodies on the streets for a quick buck primarily, because they feel like they cannot make it in the working world. The only reason that anyone would say that sex demeans women, and or is immorally correct is a society that is intolerable and defines it to be so." Commercial sex is demeaning only when an intolerant and puritanical society defines it to be so, and makes it a crime (Loebner, Hugh PhD). Anyone can have sex freely. What is the difference in having sex at your own will, and having sex at the person's own willing agreement for money or a gift? Couples conduct sexual activities and are rewarded with gifts. Veronica Monet states; "the truth for me and many sex workers I know is that we choose to conduct these activities for money, independence, freedom, and dignity. If you cannot understand the last word dignity, then you are mired in a view point about sex in general, and sex and women in particular, that this patriarchal society wants you to buy (Monet, Veronica). Women choose this path for themselves based on the fact this is a place of freedom and a place to make your own decisions.

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