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Legalization Of Prostitution

             Today boys and girls are struggling to live in America. They are kicked onto the streets with no money, and no place to go. Selling everything that they can they try to survive. Eventually they sell the only thing they have left, themselves. They have resorted to prostitution. .
             Now you need to ask yourself, what time period was this statement made? They answer is any? From the beginning of time most the times girls and sometimes boys sell themselves for money. Some of the girls do it so they can have some money; others do it because of its great source of income. The hours are small and the money is good. That is the reason why we should legalize prostitution.
             Legalizing prostitution should be legal for the following reasons. Prostitution is an occupation just like any other, Prostitution would lower STD's across America, and the federal government could tax the income and make money off of it. .
             The biggest argument against prostitution is that it is not an occupation. The follow up question to that is, Why not? The answer is because its hazardous to the men and women who do it, and the chance of them getting sick is high. The problem with that statement is that many jobs across America are more hazardous to your health, such as coal miners, construction workers, and electricians. They have a considerable amount of more deaths than that of prostitutes. But yet we still allow for the need of building to be built, and power to be served to our citizens. The need for sex is a natural need that doesn't happen everyday. Even priests could go to a prostitute and not have to molest an altar boy. The urge could be taken care of by a safe professional.
             Continuing with the statement that it's a bad occupation, a girl once told me "Prostitution will cause problems in marriages." But if there is a man who wants to see a naked girl, he can go to almost any computer, or to any strip show. But if the man is craving sex, and he is willing to pay for it, then that man has problems in his marriage.

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