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             In a society with which so many people are content, there lies a degrading, immoral, and corrupt underground which is responsible for corroding our world from the inside out. Not many people realize the extent to which the underground world operates. "The everyday life of prostitution is distant from most of us. And here, our imagination is a poor assistant. Negotiate a price with a stranger. Agree. Pull down one pant leg. Come and take me. Finished. Next, please. It becomes too ugly to really take it in. The imagination screeches to a halt." (Farley, Internet) This simplified, blunt description of the life of an average prostitute displays the feeling of antagonism many feel toward a long lasting occupation that degrades females and shows us, as members of society, how immoral society could get: "It takes a village to create a prostitute- as goes the saying.
             Many aspects of society support the above statement. The Prostitution industry is driven by the chance for people to control others trapped by chains of debt, drug dependence, and an overall low esteem of themselves. A ready supply of people wanting to express control and sexual dominance over others has helped this industry last this long. The population as a whole is apprehensive about letting prostitutes back into respectful society because of how they look and their social status. Society, or the "village,"" puts fear, as well as a fake fazade of support, into prostitutes, condemning them to this lifestyle.
             "What is a woman? Ans: Support system for a p*ssy."" (Barry 20) This was written on a sign outside of a bar, and summarized the sex industry that has been present since people have had the chance to exploit women. Prostitution is a practice that has been around for centuries, in one form or another. The most common form of early prostitution was the slave-master relationship. Slaves were often raped by the masters that had paid for them, and this is essentially what it has come to today.

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