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             The debate over prostitution, and whether or not the laws against .
             prostitution should be relaxed, is a never ending argument. Anti - .
             prostitution or abolitionist organizations are uncompromising and rooted in .
             their fight against prostitution, as well as Prostitutes' Rights Activists and .
             the prostitutes themselves. Arguments made for the Anti - Prostitution .
             Organizations to make the laws against prostitution more stern follow the .
             lines of three main issues. Violence, childhood prostitution, and disease .
             are the main concerns of these organizations. On the other hand the .
             Prostitutes Rights Activists focus mainly on decriminalization of .
             prostitution, asserting prostitutes rights, and instituting civil codes for .
             prostitution. .
             Just to clear a few thing before I begin, when these organization use .
             term like legalize, decriminalize, and abolish they don't mean to make it .
             legal, or to get rid of completely, they simply mean make the rules more .
             lenient or toughened, depending on which term you use. The Anti - .
             Prostitution Organization has its hands full due to Civil and Human Rights .
             Acts, and ultimately The Constitution in dealing with abolishing .
             prostitution. Though their arguments are legitimate so are the opposing .
             sides. Violence is one concern of these organizations. Studies show that .
             60 % of violence inflicted on prostitutes was committed by the clientele, .
             20% by police officers, and 20% in their own relationships. And the sad .
             thing is most people who prostitute have been sexually assaulted, raped, .
             abused, and have been victims of incest or child molestation.
             Childhood prostitution is another issue that the organizations feel .
             strongly about. They feel that young girls will be influenced by these .
             women, and their 'glamorous' lifestyle and become drawn to it. Teenagers .
             are probably the most influential group of people today.

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