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Management and the Classical Viewpoint

            The main focus of the classical viewpoint management is to maximize the work efficiency of employees in business organizations. This viewpoint branches out into two separate groups, scientific and administrative. Scientific management focuses on the scientific study of work methods to improve the productivity of individual workers, while administrative management is concerned with managing the total organization. .
             Both of these branches share a few common attributes. Managers in each are responsible for assigning tasks for their employees and training them on how to finish certain tasks through creating goals. Both the managers and employees share one common goal, and this greatly influences cooperation. Another similarity is that managers are obligated to treat workers fairly, as well as the overall efficiency of the organization. The main difference between these two branches is that scientific management focuses on the methods of modifying individual tasks while administrative is concerned with how an organization functions as a whole. Many of the principles that were established in the earliest days of management are still used today. .
             The behavioral viewpoint emphasizes the importance of understanding human behavior and the process of motivating employees toward achievement. The chief concerns regarding behavioral viewpoint involve studying different occupations, and making a determination to find the job best suited for a particular individual. According to Hugo Munsterberg, it is paramount that a manager recognizes employee behavior, and tasks assignments that are most beneficial for the business. They must learn to influence workers to follow the guidelines of a management's interests. Social philosopher, Mary Parker Follett pioneered the theory that employees must have positive working relationships in order to make the surrounding office environment a more peaceful place to work.

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