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Employee Engagement

             This dissertation is attempting to delve into the prevailing attitudes and employee engagement with Topaz South Dublin service stations. The importance of employee engagement is highlighted in relation to the concept of Human Capital Management. The data collection was based on a survey which was carried out by the CIPD (2006) on employee engagement in the UK. .
             The research seeks to understand aspects of working life at the Topaz service stations within the South Dublin catchment area. Aspects such as meaningfulness of tasks within the role, aspects of feelings towards the role, individual perceived performance levels, the amount of effort given by employees and the level of employee satisfaction with aspects such as working environment, co-workers and management. The dissertation aims to measure engagement and look at the aspects where management interventions can be implemented to increase the overall level of employee engagement. .
             CHAPTER ONE .
             Employee engagement, according to the Corporate Executive Board (2004) is the "extent to which an employee commits to something or someone in the organisation and how long they stay as a result of their commitment". .
             The main focus on the dissertation is an evaluation and measurement of employee engagement. Employee engagement is defined by Kahn as "the harnessing of organisational members' selves to their work roles; in engagement, people employ and express themselves physically, cognitively and emotionally during role performances" (Kahn, W.A. 1990). Within the literature review, the researcher reviewed academic, as well as practitioner research relating to the subject matter of employee engagement. The researcher, in completion of the dissertation, utilized peer review journals, as well as internet searches in order to find up to date practitioner publications on employee engagement.
             The context of the dissertation will be based within the service stations of Topaz, which fall under the South Dublin catchment area.

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