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The Business Field of Ethics

            This article explains the significance of the Chief Technical Officer's (CTO) mentality to the business environment, the role of the CTO in giving back ethical leadership to their companies, benefits from realizing the details of a business, and concerns on solutions to problematically solve issues. Today's leaders have a lot to teach the employees of our businesses about honesty and accountability. Popular demand in today's businesses push positions such as CEO's and CFO's to follow the straight and narrow path, but this article explains why CTO's should be included as well. The CTO position provides ethical leadership for their employers in an atmosphere that demands it. The CTO position has a great opportunity to be involved on both sides of the business: technical and leadership. CTO's are in the perfect medium of business and technology. Throughout reading this article I've concluded that there is another attribute to the CTO position and that is integrity. Throughout recent scandals in technology CTO's have had to fight through problems with failure of products. Leading them to holding themselves accountable for the actions. This article does not state CTO's are incompetent or poor workers, it states that in the nature of their position they must be accountable for what they do, good or bad. Understanding the crucial importance of a business generally falls back to the people in charge. In today's society, our work ethic and leadership qualities are at a bare minimum. If you are in a position of leadership within a company, you better realize what is going on inside of your business from every angle. The CTO mentality must encourage a basic honesty that the business world truly needs these days.
             I chose this article because it portrays what a real-life business environment and the way it should be ran. From an ethical leadership standpoint I respect this article because it talks about being in a leadership position and how one should give back to their employer.

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