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Business, Ethics and the Role of Integrity

            The panel discussion that I attended on September 30, 2014 focused on Ethics and the Role of integrity it the business community. The panel consisted of 4 businesspersons from here in Springfield and also St. Louis, they were Keith Boughtright, Adrian McCoy, Cathy Shar, and Ryan Sundernberg. Keith is the director of Human Recourses for SRC Holdings Corporation, Adrian McCoy, holds many hats at Advicase CPA's some of which include director of special projects, handling of all Marketing, PR and HR, Cathy is an Agency Sales Manager for American Family Insurance and Ryan Sundenberg is a University recruiter for Edward Jones Corporation, which is, headquartered in St. Louis.
             The panel spoke on how ethics plays a role in their business, each one of them had their own take on how it effected there specific business, some talked about how ethics was the back bone of there company and without ethics they would have no customers. In Ryan's situation working for Edward Jones, they handle people money in a way that trust is plays a very big role and without that level of ethics being embedded in that company there would be no such companies where an individual takes their money to have it invested in the hopes that they would enhance their profits. Cathy working in the insurance industry she touched on the basis that they are selling a promise to their clients when they collecting their premiums that they are going to take care of their lose or their needs, and without that promise the industry as a whole would crumble. .
             Within each of these companies or industries they have either a certain person or even a division that takes care and over sees the ethical situations with in the company. With Edward Jones they have a compliance division that oversees all of their financial advisors and home office associates. This division does everything in the aspects of overseeing emails, phone conversations and financial transactions to make sure that every aspect of their business is complying within their standards and regulations to not only be ethical but loyal and legal in all aspects possible.

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