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How Organizations Shape Ethical Conduct

            How Organizations Shape Ethical Conduct .
             You only have to open the newspaper or turn on the television to understand the importance of ethics in business relationships. From employee theft to insider trading, the ethical culture of organizations is being challenged everyday. As a result of the ethical misconduct companies are suffering from damaged reputations, lost business, demoralized workforce, and diminished market values.
             Business Ethics: the study and evaluation on decision making by businesses according to moral concepts and judgments. Or more simply put . learning what is right or wrong and then doing the right thing!.
             Ethic Awareness is the foundation of an ethical climate. Through ethical awareness, employees learn how to identify problems and how to resolve them. .
             Establishing a code of conduct is one way an organization can support ethic awareness. A code of conduct typically addresses issues pertaining to; preferred style of dress, avoiding illegal drugs, following instructions of superiors, being reliable and prompt, maintaining confidentiality, not accepting personal gifts from stakeholders as a result of company role, avoiding racial or sexual discrimination, avoiding conflict of interest, complying with laws and regulations, not using organization property for personal use, not discriminating against race or age or sexual orientation, and reporting illegal or questionable activities.
             Along with a code of conduct, an organization may choose to develop a code of ethics. .
             In developing a code of ethics the organization must realize that it can not be done solely through Human Resources or their Legal Department. Codes are insufficient if intended only to ensure that policies are legal. Organizations need to take into consideration which values that have been proven to produce the three or four traits of a highly ethical and successful product or business, along with values that produce behaviors that exhibit these traits.

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