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            What do we need to know in order to move toward a better world? How can those of us who are paid to produce knowledge orient our work, toward our best values? Ethics can be defined as the rules of conduct that reflect the moral principals and standards of the community including adherence to the principles of fairness and honesty. Simply put, ethics involves learning what is right or wrong, and then doing the right thing -- but "the right thing" is not nearly as straightforward.
             Within a diverse community of knowledge producers, there is a wide range of desires concerning our work, knowledge, and the ethics that shape our lives. Yet in the midst of all of this difference, perhaps there is a strand of resemblance from which we might wonder whether our work is sufficiently contributing to the world we want, and if it's not, whether there is anything we can do about it.
             Achieving social responsibility and business ethics determine the link between departments and issues impacting the company, and make them known to employees in the department. Integrate ethical decision making into the performance appraisal process. Publicize, in employees communications and elsewhere, executive priorities and efforts related to ethical issues. .
             Fundamental Principles of Ethics.
             • Society - Uphold the health, safety and welfare of wider society, future generation and the environment.
             • Organizations - Will serve my employers and clients honestly, competently and diligently.
             • Peers - Will respect and support the legitimate needs, interest and aspirations of all my colleagues and peers.
             • Staff - Will encourage and assist those I supervise both fulfill their responsibilities and to develop their full potential. .
             • Profession - Will strive to be a fit representative of my profession and to promote the vision.
             • Self - Will be honest in representing myself and will continually strive to enhance both my professional competence and my ethical understanding.

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