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Business Ethics

             Are business ethics merely a fashion? Something that is considered to be trendy and therefore needs to be addresses as part of today's management criteria? Or is business ethics something more complicated, ore involved in the society in which business operates? It is not a question of yes or no but a question of morality, society, business operations and what is "the right thing to do".
             Within our society the concept of fashion is usually limited to haute couture and its accessories. This includes the opposite concepts of being "in fashion" and "out of fashion". This indicates the presence of a cycle as what was "in fashion" becomes "out of fashion". This also indicates the possibility of a fad, a fashion that rises quickly but fades just as fast.
             This cyclic motion is also visible within management theory. The rise of management gurus spouting quick fixes and easy steps to success is rising. This creates the concept of the "management" fashion. .
             Managers are eager to find this quick fix or easy steps to help combat their problems. Donaldson & Hilmer (1996) believe this to typical of what they see "happening to the practice of and writing on management, namely, the substitution of dogma . for careful, sustained professional management". .
             So where does business ethics fit into all this? Is ethics a management fashion? A theory that will run its course then slip away until next time round? It is obvious that business ethics could be perceived as a management fashion due to lack of attention paid to the concept in recent years. However it should not be considered as mere dogma but as a sincere and important grounding for all management.
             Business ethics can be a difficult concept to grasp. As ethics have grown from the basic assumptions of individuals and communities, the diversity from which they have sprung can create problems. However in business, ethics does not just include the concepts of right and wrong.

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