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Principles of Management Ethics

             When it comes to ethics we know it as a code of moral principles. Values, that oversee our personal behaviors or even a group with regard to what is right and what is wrong. Ethics sets the requirements for what's good or bad with decision making as well. Overall, subordinates may have different opinions about most ethical views correct or incorrect performances that pertain to a situation. Moreover, managers usually come across situations where it's difficult, for them to come to a decision that is right for him and the subordinate. In addition, managers face a, disconnect between the bosses and the organization. At times, managers don't have the fortitude to stand up and take action not to bring un- necessary attention to them-selves or might risk losing their jobs. Ethics to my understanding is when behaviors are compared with and driven by the laws and by all means free choice. According to the textbook understanding management on page 112, Ethics emphasizes that we as humans behave in three different, grades. They are as follows, Domain of Codifed Law, Domain of Ethics, Do-main of free Choice. The first, which characterizes values and standards and is placed in the legal system its highly used in the courts. Second comes the domain of ethics which has no definitive laws, until now does have standard specifications of conduct based and shared fundamentals of values and righteous conduct that mentor an individual or a group. And last but not least comes the domain of free choice, which explains the exact opposite of the scale and it's associated with behaviors for which laws have no value and an individual has all the freedom he desires. .
             Ethics for the most part pertains to decision-making and some decisions are tougher to make depending on the situation, might be easier than others. In addition, ethical requirements that are not classified, bickering and embarrassments about legitimate behaviors will occur.

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