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             The key of success in a business of nowadays should integrate a very high degree of ethics in its structure. Four different stories come together in a single concept: ethics as the milestone for the development of the organization. New variables in the macro environment of the modern organization have converged in the need to promote internal codes to confront with new orders and demands. With globalization, because an extensive access to the information, nowadays what was easy to disguise in old times now is hard to hide from a more informed public. Every day the light sees new books that reveal the dark side in the successful history of an icon. Corporations are finding more awareness pressure from different sources against wrongful procedures.
             In many situations, market and public pressures are the main reason companies or organizations launch codes for internal control. Codes some times are used only to air them in the face of opponents or just for lightly accomplish with heavy external rules of control and internal issues that demands effective actions.
             Keeping an eye on Corporate America by Alynda Wheat (2002).
             The author remarks the declining in American Corporative moral and provides numbers to state the increasing interest in internal control on ethics due to the presence of new regulations enforced by law (Wheat, 2002).
             Including a quote from Attorney Win Swenson saying " you have people who are extremely sophisticated running amazingly effective programs [ ] you have also people who are neophytes who lack a budget, other resources, or access to management. All of which are critical" (Wheat, 2002). The author gives an outstanding value to the presence of expert and qualified personnel. She also includes a couple of quotes from the compliance coordinator from United Parcel Service (UPS) with the clear intention to underscore the importance of ethics as a new and growing professional activity.


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