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Principles of Ethics in Engineering

            Any professional, student, or person follows rules of ethics throughout their life. Different professional organizations have codes of ethics for their professionals to follow in the workplace. Students seeking degrees to become professionals must learn these rules of ethics so they can be successful in their jobs. Ethical situations can be faced in everyday life, taught throughout life, in educational courses, and the code of the code of ethics can be applied to life now as a student of engineering. As new engineering students and college students we will face many ethical situations. One of the most prominent ethical issues a student might face is the urge to cheat. Cheating is a serious problem, but some students might see it as their only option if they are struggling in a class or falling behind. The work load in college can be intense. Students may struggle to keep a balance between studying and a social life. When this happens they may feel that cheating is the only option left. Not feeling prepared for a test or forgetting about an assignment could also cause a student to feel the overwhelming urge to cheat. Cheating is an ethical issue because it is not tolerated at any institution. Students need to decide to face the consequences of not being prepared instead of resorting to cheating. This can be a hard decision to make because students do not want to take a zero on an assignment or fail a test. Cheating may seem like the better option, but it never is. A zero or a failing grade is typically easier to come back from than being caught cheating since the latter usually results in being permanently expelled.
             Another ethical situation a student might face is drinking illegally. College students are underage normally for at least two years of their college life. However, access to alcohol could be east to find. There are so many parties around college campuses that students find it easy to drink when still underage.

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