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Religion and medical issues

             There are many different treatments available that are available to people who are infertile. Different treatments are all given to people with different conditions. .
             A common problem with infertile men and women is that they have a physical blockage in the pathways in which the sperm has to travel. "In many cases these can be eliminated by surgery to eliminate adhesions that have closed the tubal pathways or to remove obstructive growths such as cysts that may be present." Drugs can also be used to remove some less severe blockages. "Notably clomiphene citrate, bromocriptine and human menopausal gonadotrapin, have been very successful in correcting the hormonal imbalances which cause a females ovulation, or egg production, to be erratic or absent" this type of treatment however raises the chance of a woman having a multiple birth because of the release of more than one egg at ovulation.
             IVF otherwise known as test-tube conception is a complicated procedure in which the eggs are removed the women and fertilized with the male sperm outside the body, and then replaced back into the same or a surrogate mother for normal gestation. This is used when there is, tubal damage, a low sperm count or mucus hostility. Gamete Intra Fallopian (GIFT) Transfer is a similar procedure used when the female is infertile. The eggs a sperm are mixed in a lab and then transferred to fallopian tubes before fertilization. .
             Another treatment for infertility is to find a sperm donor, obviously this is used when the male is infertile, but can also be used for single women or lesbian couples. In this procedure the sperm is taken from a sperm bank and put in the female for fertilization.
             Sometimes the infertility can be purely physiological in which case counselling is recommended.
             (ii) .
             Essentially there are two opposing views in Christianity on whether or not using infertility treatments such as IVF or GIFT, explained above, is the morally right.

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