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            As we embrace technology in today's mainstream world, ethical issues in medicine concerning religious and historical tradition struggle for existence. Science-based medicine takes on the deeper issues of the medical profession rather then the religious and historical context that was once so evidently common. In trying to understand this phenomenon, I have examined the world view of bioethics for three traditions, Islamic, Jewish and Chinese, and have pieced together each of their views towards issues regarding their stance on ethics of medicine. .
             In Islam, decision-making regarding bioethics and their world view is based on a value system that is derived from revelation and tradition (Bioethics for clinicians: Islamic Bioethics). The Qur'an comprehends the complete code to the laws and values of Islamic culture based on the ethical teachings and tradition written by the Prophet Muhammad. The Qur'an and the traditions of the Prophet have laid down detailed and specific ethical guidelines regarding various medical issues (Bioethics for clinicians: Islamic Bioethics). This system of religious teachings is a way of life, and is the customs and beliefs of its followers. The followers of Islamic culture, Muslims, find sources of strength, courage and inspiration in the Qur"an. Therefore, Muslims are likely to see illness as a trial or even as a cleansing ordeal. By emphasizing on the importance in preventing illness, physicians understand the duty to strive to heal, acknowledging God as the ultimate healer. It is not uncommon that Muslims incorporate tradition into their daily lives. The word of God seems to appear in daily conversations and actions because of how closely related their lives are to the traditions of the Qur"ran. .
             From an ethical standpoint, Islamic bioethics acknowledges some of the main principles in the Hippocratic Oath. Muslims have adopted the Oath of the Muslim Doctor, which invokes the name of Allah (Bioethics for clinicians: Islamic Bioethics).

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