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Ethical Analysis of Deception in Business

            Doing research about ethics is a long tradition in human society, rooted in religious beliefs, cultural and philosophical thoughts. Ethics involves moral commitment, responsibility and social justice. The word ethics is derived from the Greek ethiko and ethos, which means custom or practice. As Aristotle said, the concept about ethics includes ideas on the nature and how to apply it. So, the moral reflect individual personality and you can tell the characteristic of a business, because business is the collection of individuals. Therefore, if we don't fully understand about the roles of ethics in business and contribute to build an ethical business environment, there is a good chance that the company will not be able to achieve its goals. Understanding the definition and role of ethics is extremely important in doing business. In this paper, I will analyst about the deception in business, explain the theory, propose several criticism and formulate what I take to be a more plausible theory about the deception in business. .
             Firstly, between business and ethics there are always contradictions. On the one hand , society always want the company to create more high-paying jobs , but on the other hand , the company wants to reduce costs and improve labor productivity. Consumers always want to buy at the lowest price commercial establishments also wanted to have the highest rates. Social desire to reduce environmental pollution, the company also wants to minimize the costs incurred in complying with the regulations on environmental protection in their production activities. From which arose the inevitable conflicts in the concept of business ethics, due to differences in the interests of the company for the benefit of workers, consumers and society as a whole. Since all the aforementioned opposition is essential to the management was forced to how to balance the interests of the company for the benefit of the shareholders ( shareholders ) and those with related interests ( stakeholders ) including employees , customers and the general public .

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