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Software Engineering and Professionalism

            Professionalism is demonstrated by individual or groups who have enough experience, knowledge and qualification to solve certain problems using their judgment and personal skills specifically acquired for this purpose. People trust them to make informed decisions that hopefully serve their purpose in the best way possible. They are usually free to operate under their own (or senior professional's) instructions to fulfill what they set out to do which usually has a rightful purpose from the societal perspective regardless of the client's intentional desires.
             A professional implies a particular standard of workmanship. Especially in the engineering, architectural or other industries alike where the product can be measured in terms of performance, productivity or output, it is vital that work of a certain professional quality' is performed. Although currently there is no formal quality standard that is expected of software, the resultant success rate is relatively low compared to other disciplines and industries. However, it is credible to reason that this is due to the fact that software engineering is new to the world and has yet to evolve.
             High academic standards are usually a requirement for acceptance as a professional, as possession of knowledge and skills lacking by the general public is what makes for the specialty that a professional delivers. It shows competence and specialisation, which is why doctors, lawyers and engineers undergo such rigorous training, education and testing before graduating or being qualified with a licence. Many tertiary education institutions do not yet offer the software engineering course, however due to the engineering' title associated there are certain requirements in studies or experiences that students must complete. .
             Professionals are given their title, as they are the most updated and ahead in their relevant field. Being an active professional requires continual renewal of knowledge through publications, journals, seminars and conferences from which information about new developments are acquired.

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