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Business Ethics in Reseach

             In general, Business ethics are known as moral ideologies that make the methods of performing business. It also determines individuals' behaviour on dealing business. (Business dictionary) Research ethics acts as a procedure of critical reflection and interdisciplinary collaboration against the tendency to depart analytically from what is right. (D.J. Roy, et al, 2001). I tried to focus advantages and also disadvantage of ethics and researcher responsibility on the development of knowledge. .
             Researchers' functions vary relationships through research and ethical dilemmas to hide from participations inspection, describe such unsteadiness to the main research. The ethical responsibilities of researcher in research are partly interrelated with standards which is related to the research process, together with relationships between researchers, and partly with respect for the individuals and institutions which are being studied, as well as responsibility for the utilize and distribution of the research.
             Advantages and Disadvantages .
             1. Research can be harmful to the subjects. Harm can be in various way such as physical, harm to participants' development, harm to employees career, mental harm, technological harm and harm to professional relations. .
             Researchers must disclose to the respondents about the purpose of the research and also ensure that the information will not be used for any non-research purposes. Researchers' responsibility is to take any attempts where personal harm is a possibility. But whatever researcher says about ethical approach interviewees or respondents cannot relay proper information as they cannot trust fully. Confidentiality agreement can be made to protect information between researcher and respondents. So by making confidentiality agreement respondents can trust researcher and easily provide information which can help to develop knowledge smoothly. However, making confidentiality agreement; researcher have to provide the outcome of research to respondents.

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