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            What theories, ideas, themes form this course have re-shaped how I think of myself as a leader?.
             Modern organizations involve a new complexity that has not been perceived by many managers and leaders in the organizations. In order to be a good leader, it is mandatory to leave behind the inflexibility and strict vertical models, where the leader is the boss and nothing else besides that. To be able to perform appropriate plans, coordination, and control activities of the subordinates, including new concepts such as new science issues is elemental for the developing of a communicative and successful leadership. It is very important for any leader to understand the different frames developed by organizations. Also to know how to manage the unexpected situations in the daily life of organizations, created by one of the most confusing but not impossible to manage factor, the human staff or subordinates. When the course first started, I had a previous vision of being a leader according to my personal experiences, as a manager and also as a subordinate. Before, I agreed with the old fashion methods of management; being inflexible and keep strict control of subordinates in order to get the job done and achieve the organization objectives. This vision of myself as a leader has dramatically changed; it is accurate to mention, that for the last two years I was working as a manager in the family business under the supervision of my boss, my father, who is an excellent director, although he is attached to the strict structure of scientific management.
             At the beginning of the course, the theories of the different frames in the organization helped me to understand how employees behave under different environments. It was very helpful to identify the two different frames in the organizations observed in the first case study. This project was very interesting, since I could identify and link the concepts studied in class with the real life organizations.

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