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Mindful and Coherent Leadership

             Leadership is a person's ability to enlist the help of other people to complete a task or achieve a goal. An effective leader must have core values, when identified make the decision making process easier. Core values are guidelines that a person has which ultimately determine what the person believes. These core values may be created by relationships within the family or community, culture, or even someone that had a pronounced influence in a person's life. A leader with core values easily attracts people aligned to his or her vision and values. A leader that possesses core values can easily communicate his or her values to the team.
             Mindful and Coherent Leadership.
             "Mindful leadership is a process of influence that nurtures the capacity of self, others, and the system to achieve a goal," according to Stanford-Blair (N.D.). Effective leaders do not come into this world as leaders, but an effective leader forms his or her leadership ability through learning as well as personal and professional experience. Mindful and coherent leadership is a process that encourages other people to achieve a goal or to perform a task. In order to inspire greater forms of teamwork, there are attributes that an effective leader must know, do, and be. Effective leaders are continually working or studying to make sure that his or her leadership skills improve. .
             The resources for the week provided enlightenment on the self-discovery process to determine if qualities are there to be an effective CIPD leader in the community and school. There are core values that a person possesses that helps to create a leader. Those core values may consist of a person's honesty, faith, and courage. These core values played a role in determining a desire to enter the field of education and the need to impact the lives of children. These essential core values also influence how effective of a leader a person will be in the community, school, district, and the educational community.

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