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Communication in Health and Social Care

             This assignment is about communication which is a two-way process involving the sender and receiver. Communication in health and social care connects people of different aspects. I will explain how legislation, charters and codes of practise impact on the communication process and analyse the effectiveness of organisational systems policies in promoting good practice in communication and Suggest ways of improving communication process.
             Culture and values consists of customs, ideas and social behaviour of a society (Anon, 2016). Values and cultural are influenced by beliefs, religion and ethnic background. As a health worker I have a duty of care to respect people's values and cultures, when people of different cultures are discriminated or ignored they react to it with anger and emotionally. In regard to the case study Sengupta's family is noticed by the healthcare team that they originated from India and their cultural values are respected. .
             As a health care worker it's very important to be competence and notice the way we communicate with our patients who appear to be of different backgrounds than us. Facial expressions like sliming is very important when interaction with a patient. We also need to use different ways of communication both verbal and non-verbal with people of different cultures. Regarding to the case study Garati's care worker has to use a friendly attitude, this is important to communicate non- verbally with patients who can't communicate in English. The tone of the voice and body language can reassurance the patient. When interaction with a patient it's very important to be gentle and patient.
             As a health care team service provided to Sengupta's family was comfortable regard of their values, background and cultural. Valuing their diversity will enrich our own life and be open to other patient's life experience and become more flexible because as healthcare worker we imagine how other people see things.

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