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Working Partnerships in Health and Social Care

             Give specific examples of how these philosophies are demonstrated in various health and social care settings.
             According to Collins Dictionary, the definition for partnership is "a contractual relationship between two or more persons carrying on a joint business venture with a view to profit, each incurring liability for loses and the right to share in the profits".
             Defining attributes for partnership are mutual trust and respect. Working in team, the members share same goals, interests, commitments, they agree about reciprocity and empathy.
             Health and social care workers have a very important role among partnership workers. The performance of a group is given by the good partnership between each level.
             The partnership working is underpinned by a few philosophies:.
             • Empowerment.
             • Independence.
             • Equity.
             • Power sharing.
             • Trust.
             • Respect.
             Empowerment is important for the effectiveness of partnership working in health and social care. Through empowerment people are in control of decision and actions that could affect their health (World Health Organisation, 1998). It is a foundation in developing good relationship between service users and professional.
             An example is unwritten fair rules for staff to provide a healthy working environment.
             Independence means that decisions can be made without outside control. For example, a client can choose the treatment he wants regardless the choice of professional or family member.
             Equity in terms of health and social care is treating and giving access to services to every person. The health resources are available for all people; everyone has the opportunity to take care of their health.
             Power sharing is another vital link in health and social care. Safe shared information help to improve the quality of the service provided. Clients are actively involved in decision making regarding their care plan.
             It is essential for a client to have trust in professionals as openness and honesty is required in order to get the proper care.

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