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Health Care in the United Kingdom

            The National Health Care System (NHS) was a monetary Health Care policy implemented after the Second World War on the 5th of July, 1948 in the United Kingdom. This new system was developed under the principles of equality and universal accessibility, with expenses covered by the central government. With a devolved system The United Kingdom has developed a Healthcare system that places the responsibility of regulating the general public's health into their individual nation's government covering a wide range of services: such as patient treatment and waiting times, the availability of public hospitals, prescription medications, and the amount of government subsides provided to residents. Its purpose was to individualize the healthcare regulations to best suit the four nations of the United Kingdom: England, Wales, Scotland, and North Ireland. Each country is responsible for maintaining and refining their policies to better serve their citizens. With the Universal system removed, critics were quick to point out the differences in treatment and hospital conditions amongst the nations. However, supporters such as NHS Confederation Boss Gill Morgan; defend the policy stating, "We basically have four different systems albeit with the same set of values" linking the four nations goals together despite minor differences in procedure (Triggle, 2008). .
             Each nation has a different system and individual perception in regards to how healthcare services should be provided. In England, healthcare policy is focused on two main forms of care: primary and secondary. In addition, outside organizations provide specialized types of medical coverage. Resulting in conflict between the public and private sector. While In Wales, the main focus is on patient's quality of care and public safety; placing an emphasis on high value evidence based care. There is a strong connection between the NHS and local government creating more innovation on the public health, but less importance on waiting time.

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