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Healthcare in the UK and China

            The healthcare in China is not all that great. In China, a patient has to pay before receiving treatment. The people of China have hated the type of treatment they are given for healthcare. In China, there was a reform in April of 2009. The reform was caused of government underfunding. The reform calls for a complete change of China's healthcare system, including updating laws related to healthcare pharmaceuticals, and medical technology. .
             The Ultimate goal of China's healthcare reform policy is to create afford healthcare for the people by the year of 2020. This reform bill will also allow making coverage easier to people, to create a medical drug system and allow people to have access to public healthcare facilities. China wants the reform bill to improve the quality and accessibility for medical drugs to the people of China. The hope of doing this is to create an income on medical drugs. China has asked the United State to enter their pharmaceutical market. China believes that by having the United States enter their market, China will see a significant increase income for the healthcare budget.
             China wants to expand its medical devices in healthcare facilities. China wants to improve the safety and quality of the medical devices that China currently owns. China plans to have "all-in-one" card. It is sort of like a credit card but only for medical purposes. The card will have the name of the cardholder, the gender, payments and the cardholder's medical patterns in pharmaceutics. A person who works for a medical provider in China can distribute money to the insurance card from their bank.
             Now, I will be presenting you with information about the United Kingdom's healthcare. Everyone in the United Kingdom is entitled to free health care. The United Kingdom's health care policy is the National Health Service, which means that people get healthcare based on their problems instead of their ability to pay for healthcare.

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