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Training and development

            There are number of journal articles that deal with the issue of training and development in the work place. The following three articles that I have found also deal with that issue, but each one in its own unique way. They all come from the same journal, but take on very different aspects to training methods. Throughout this paper I will review each of the articles and then integrate them at the end in order to show that although they are all very different they all show how training is the key to running a successful company.
             In Phyllis Tharenou's article, "The Relationship of Training Motivation to Participation in Training and Development", the question being asked is how motivation through the expectation and motivation to learn may explain certain participation in training and development. In the past there has been a lot of research done on motivation through expectation, but no research has looked in to the results of participation in training and development, or have looked at it as compared to the concept of the motivation to learn. The author states, "This study seeks to add to knowledge by assessing how training motivation (both motivation to learn and motivation through expectation) explains participation in training and development." There are three main hypotheses that have been created to explain how training motivation predicts participation in training and development. The first hypothesis suggests direct links, as in training motivation and a helpful work place will predict participation in training and development. The second hypothesis states that training motivation mediates the prediction by the work environment of participation in training and development. The third hypothesis proposes that for an employee that has high training motivation, a helpful work place will be more related to participation in training and development. In order to conduct this study a sample of 1,705 Australians that ranged from subordinated to middle manager who were employed in public and private sectors was taken.

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