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Training and Employee Development

             This report is to present an overview in the changes learning and development and find the potential strategies that company T can adopt in order to take full advantage of technology to enhance their training and development process. This will be also be analysing how the employees of T can be motivated From the research conducted in the company and the literature on the subject to construct our conclusions and recommendations related to human resources management in the implementation of quality management systems to help T use the technology to interact more with their employees. T should step backwards in relation of learning and training development and use more of blended learning to have a better approach because it can identify the personal needs of which individual of the organization and make the learning more efficiently, it also give the learners more motivation. .
             What is Training and Development?.
             Training can be defined as an informative process where people are able to learn the information given or be able to take current knowledge and skills, which can help them, improve their ability to work efficiently when in a working environment. Effective training is important because it enables the ability to use information taught to will help develop the trainee skills and their performance in the way that they behave which will benefit them because the skills they learn would have a good impact when transferred to the workplace. .
             Training can be known as a skill development for individuals and people in groups. Training given is based on presentation and learning so individuals are able to enhance their skills.
             The development is the process that builds the ability to achieve a new desire that benefits both individual and the organization and the community, this involves creating a sustaining change. The viewpoint of the development process is too focused on the environment in its present state, which helps people on a group/ department to identify different types of strategy that they can approach when improving their performance (Amherst.

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