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             Is immigration good or bad for the United States?.
             In the early 1900s immigration was at the fore front of making this country what it is today in present times it is a topic of negative and positive controversy.
             Economy is in a downward spiral. People looking for something/someone to blame for sluggish economy and lost jobs. Their lack of motivation and will to assimilate to the U.S. lack of government regulations. Lack of control of the border. No regulations on where immigrants come from. Lack of opportunity. Better way of life. Lack of education.
             1. Government regulations.
             2. Stop it all together.
             3. Make it harder to get papers.
             4. Stiffer penalties on deportees.
             5. Close border.
             6. Penalties for employers not abiding by laws.
             7. Kill them all.
             8. No tolerance law on those convicted of felonies.
             9. Better tracking of immigration .
             1. Strict and Stringent laws requiring immigrants to follow these guidelines or be deported.
             2. Assign immigrants trackers who watch and monitor their activities.
             3. Put a freeze on issuance of Green Cards.
             4. Tougher and more intensive look at which and how many individuals get Green Cards.
             5. Implement a taxing system that requires immigrants to pay a percentage of their earnings while working here in U.S.
             6. Devise an educational and citizen program to help and encourage immigrants to assimilate and have a sense of what America is and brings to them.
             7. Stop all welfare benefits to those who have not attained citizenship.
             8. Require and track "Citizenship Marriages" better to make sure they"re doing it for their reasons.
             9. Require new-born parents to attain citizenship in 2yrs or be deported.
             10. Do not allow anyone other than tourists to stay here in the U.S. .
             1. No welfare benefits for anyone who is not a legal U.S. citizen.
             2. Require all immigrants to gain citizenship or be deported within 2yrs and do not allow them back after 2yrs time.
             3. Must report to I.N.S. about everything they do (i.

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