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An Overview of the Country of Colombia

             Colombia is currently in the northwest corner of South America. Colombia has coasts on both the Caribbean and Pacific. Colombia has a continental area of 1.141.748 km2 and 928.660 km2. Colombia is a equatorial country whose climate is determined by trade winds, humidity and altitude. It shares borders with Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela and Panama. This country has an equal duration of both daylight and nighttime hours. It's located between latitudes 4° south and 12° north. Colombia has two rainy season's and two dry seasons. The rugged terrain, cut by large rivers that flow into the Caribbean, the Pacific, the Amazon and the Orinoco, make it easier for the construction of enormous reservoirs.
             Colombia's Modern Government .
             Colombia's Government is a republic. It has a separation of powers into executive, judicial and legislative branches. The legislature has a congress.The supreme court is the judiciary and The executive branch would be the president. The governors of the Departments of Colombia are elected through popular vote to represent the president (executive branch). The government is in charge of creating and developing politics.
             Colombia's Main Cities.
             Bogota is one of Colombia's major cities and it is also Colombia's capital. Bogota is also Colombia's most populous city, it contain's 7,155,052 people as of 2005. It is also the largest city in Colombia but also one of the biggest in Latin America. After, Bogota comes Barranquilla, this city serves as a port for river and maritime transportation within Colombia. Barranquilla is also the main industrial, educational, shopping and cultural centre of the Caribbean Region of Colombia. Its located in Northern Colombia next to the Caribbean Sea and lies next the delta of the Magdalena River. Colombia's third main city is Cali. Cali is Colombia's third largest city, with a population of 2.5 million people. It has one of the fastest growing economies and infrastructure in the country because of its geographical location.

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