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French Settlement

             New France was the name of all the Newfoundland of the French. The New France of North America was called the Canada colonies. Although, there was Acadia and Louisiana colonies, when you spoke of New France you are mostly referring to Canada. .
             New France began in about the 1600s and lasted to about 150 years. Approximately seventy-five percent of the French settlers lived in New France Canada. Although the French lost their territory to the British during the seven years war, the French influence is still noticeable. About six million Canadians speak French in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick. .
             Exploration and settlement.
             French exploration started in 1534 by King Francias I, who ordered Jacques Cartier to fine the China Passage. Jacques Cartier found Canada and took possession of it. This then had begun settlement in New France. In the 1600s "New France begins to take shape."(World Book 2000 Edition 14no.,204) French Settlement went from as far as the Hudson bay to the Louisiana. .
             "During the 1500s, Fishermen began to lower their nets off the coast of what is now Newfoundland. They also started to trade kettles, Knives, and other European goods to local Indians for furs." (World Book 2000 Edition 14no, 204).
             New France grew slowly. By 1660 there were only a couple thousand settlers. However, by 1663, King Louis XIV made New France a colony of France. Between the years of 1665-1672 there were approximately 2,500 settlers sent to New France By King Louis XIV. The population of New France grew from about 25,000 in 1720 to about 65,000 by 1760.
             Colonial Life .
             The colonies of New France did have some government. There was the governor general who supervised the Army and the relations with the Indians. And then there was the intendent, who controlled the financial matters, law enforcement, and other local matters. .
             In that time period, fur trade was the main economic activity in New France.

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