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France And Britian

             Throughout the course of history, wars were waged, leaders came and went, and countries eventually found their roles. Two countries that I am going to talk about are the countries of France, and Great Britain. Both are European states, but political, economically, and socially, they could not be any more different. Let's take a look at the similarities and differences of these two Atlantic seaboard states.
             In the political sector of Europe, you had various forms of government. France had an absolutism government, where as England had a form of "enlightened absolutism." England's king followed the enlightened path which is basically allowing religious toleration, freedom of speech and press. There was also a push for fostering the arts, sciences, and education. Only a strong monarch could seem capable of doing so. What it ended up doing was establishing a path to a modern nationhood. France basically had the same form and ideas, except that it was all in the way the monarchs wanted to rule the country. When the seven years war broke out, both France and Britain were center stage for what would eventually take place. Both were trying to expand their empire by conquering and establishing settlements around the world. India was a place they fought for and one of the biggest places they fought to take control was the overseas colonies in the Americas. It came down to France put up a good fight, but did not have the resources to keep on fighting. They eventually succumbed to the greatest military power in the world, England.
             An economical marvel was established during this time. Establishment of banks, and it was the beginning of how food and population would coincide with each other. Europe's population was growing fast. It was said that the falling death rate and more plentiful food sources were big contributors to this. More food was a result of improvements made by the British and French.

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