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Industrial Revolution

            The Industrial Revolution caused a major change in European History from about 1760 to 1850. There were many technical advances and resources that helped spur the change such as coal and iron ore found in Great Britain. These led to many inventions that changed society drastically. This time was a period of machines which replaced hand-made items with machine manufactured products in vast quantities. This A new way of business began for the United Kingdom. This would also bring a new way of life for the lower and middle classes. It changed the face of England from an agriculture emphasis to one of industry. It also brought about poor working conditions and hardships for its workers.
             Iron and coal sparked the revolution. At the end of the 16th century, the forests were being demolished and a new source of energy was needed. But where? Coal was found in great abundance in Great Britain and people were necessary work the mines. Coal was necessary to replace the energy recieved from forest. This energy was used in power driven machinary, factories, homes, and wherever else it was needed. Men were hired to cut the coal, but women and young children had to carry the coal up to the surface. .
             An efficient means of transportation was required to distribute food, finished products, raw materials and people. Canals and other waterways had been used before, but now Robert Stephenon had another idea. Railroads were designed to move materials and passengers from one area to another. It was quicker, cheaper, and water was not a necessity. Railroads proved to be an economic and crucial invention. Other inventions played key roles in industrializing Great Britain.
             The Industrial Revolution was a period of time when power driven machinery replaced human labor. The steam engine replaced water wheels for spinning mills and weaving. This allowed textile (clothing industry) workers to make up to 50 times more cloth, which in time improved the standard of living.

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