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Factories and the Industrial Revolution

            Imagine a time when everything was not made by mass-production factories. The Industrial Revolution was the beginning of the factory system we use today. Many Americans did not desire to have the United States industrialize. However, factory owners and their regions grew very wealthy. The Industrial Revolution brought huge economic changes to the United States such as the bringing together of America a nation, splitting the nation apart into different groups and classes; with an overall effect of unity. .
             The Industrial Revolution brought America together as a nation. Products could be manufactured in greater quantities, in less time. Even unskilled workers could efficiently manufacture products with the new technology. This was especially important since the majority of workers were children. Also, America became much more independent. With an abundant amount of products, the United States did not have to rely on other countries nearly as much. Surpluses became common, the United States began to export more often, and prices on local goods decreased. The number of farmers declined, because factories could perform many farm tasks (other than growing food). The factories began to expand the production of food. Many people left their farms to join a city. These are just a few of the many positive changes the Industrial Revolution brought to the United States. .
             The Industrial Revolution split the United States into different groups. People crowded and formed cities for the first time. The smoke coming from factories polluted city air, because the cities were built right next to the factories. Also, large amounts of people increased the spread of sickness. Children were forced to work in factories. Some were as young as five or six, but still had to work twelve and a half hour days. The machinery produced deafening noise. The Industrial Revolution also led to the growth of slavery in the South. With faster production, there was a greater demand for cotton.

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