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            Modern space shuttles consist of state of the art technology and have come a long way since they first developed. Certain scientists who were pioneers continued to develop new technology to enhance the performance and the efficiency of the crafts.
             Similar pioneers existed in the development of women's rights. Groundbreakers such as Abigail Smith and even Madonna, took crucial steps for women in their development towards equality. Over the years women attained such rights as voting and the right to work. These took time and eventually women began to be seen as equal beings along with men. Although women have come a long way there are still some issues that remain unresolved and exist in society as injustices. An example is the wages women receive in the same job are significantly lower although they are equally qualified. Another issue, one that cannot be resolved is women's right to be ordained as priests or ministers. Some women wish to become ordained to serve God on a higher level, yet this is not possible for them. Women cannot become ordained in the Catholic Church because of tradition, authority, and their calling from God existing in the scriptures.
             "Priestly ordination, which hands on the office entrusted by Christ to His apostles of teaching, sanctifying and governing the faithful, has in the Catholic Church from the beginning always been reserved to men alone. This tradition has also been faithfully maintained by the Oriental Churches-(The Pope speaks Vol.39, No.5, p.319).
             The tradition of the Catholic Church has been preserved for two thousand years, and in this time period there has not been one female priest. As a result of this the church when questioned with the issue of ordaining women decides to stick to a philosophy that exists in our legal system called "Stare Decisis", which means stand by your decision. When a judge in our court system finds a case similar to the one he is deciding he looks toward that case to make his decision, but because Christ cannot be brought to court we must remain with the teachings we received through the tradition of the Church.

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