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Church In The Middle Ages

            The church was a major feature during the Middle Ages. Their life was centered around the Catholic Church. It grew with many importances to the people in the Middle Ages, and if it weren't for the church, everything would have been in terrible shape.
             During this time, Monks and missionaries were a great influence on the growth of the church. Their work of copied books by hand, and illuminated manuscripts showed that they taught the morals of the church through icons. Some of the monks and nuns became missionaries who spread the religion of Christianity to non-Christians.
             Not only because it was the center of their lives was it that the church grew, but because of the power of the church and its reform. The church helped govern Western Europe and they played an important role in the feudal society. Most of all, the church people grew wealthier, but they also were landowners and had political powers. In the church reform, they were to return to spirituality, and the pope elected cardinals, not outsiders. They fought heresy and it was regarded as seriously as the crime of treason is thought of today. Another factor in the reform was excommunication, otherwise known as expulsion from the church. The church set up a court, which was known as the Inquisition.
             As you can see, the Church was no minor thing in the Middle ages. It set the basis for many people's lives and it was spread easily throughout the different countries. Because of the church's power in political means, if it weren't for the church, their political system would have been very unstable. These are the reasons for the church's growth and development in Europe.

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