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Story of Man

            Over the ages, mankind has evolved from a simple, one-minded man into a complex character capable of thinking in new and innovative ways. Starting with the earliest of intelligent human beings, arguably hominids, all the way to the French Revolution, where the angry population would rise up against the King, this paper will explore the evolution of man from the hominids to the highly enlightened people of the 18th century.
             In the ancient era, it was particularly crucial that man develop from nomadic tribes to stationary civilizations which would be made possible by crop cultivation. This new agricultural idea made it easier to feed families, thus increasing the world's population. Also emerging from the ancient era was the beginning foundations of hereditary monarchy. With the new population increase and the new centralized authority came the development of cities. The hereditary monarch reigned over the city, and maybe to justify their leader's right to be the head authority, all of the early civilizations believed in a close relationship between their ruler and their gods. Also in the ancient era, men would work in the fields or other important jobs while women stayed at home and took care of the family. This would pass down through the generations, developing into the bias that women are inferior. With the creation of writing came the philosophical ideas and questions that would later be studied by philosophes and other artists during critical periods of time, such as the Enlightenment. The nomadic people of this era were especially important in the development of technology. The decline of these early civilizations was due to a few factors; the simple reason being the invasion of the nomads, the more complex answer being not just nomadic invasions, but also internal weakness and corruption. Following the destruction of these early civilizations, their foundations enabled the next age to come into play.

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