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Cantebury Tales

            The Cantebury Tales is a collection of good stories, a snap shot, and a .
             picture frozen in time of the Middle Ages. Geoffrey Chaucer often known as the .
             father of English poetry gives us a look into life in the Middle Ages. The .
             characters in the story pass many of the same characteristics of modern people. .
             The Merchant, the Skipper, and the Franklin are much like certain people in .
             today's society.
             The Merchant is much like a trader on Wall Street " he was an expert at .
             dabbling in exchanges." (P.112 line 288) The Merchant is a finely .
             dressed man wearing a multicolored dress. Stockbrokers today must wear .
             the finest suits and look respectable to their clients so they can sell as .
             many stocks as possible at a premium price. The Merchant made it seem .
             like he was very wealthy "his wits to work none knew he was in debt." .
             (P.112 line 290) People who trade stocks today may one day be on top of .
             the world and the next day owe everyone an amount of money. The .
             Merchant cheated people by negotiating them out of their money, stock .
             brokers cheat by giving away stock tip to their friends and families and .
             selling their own stock before the market crashes so they make out with a .
             large amount of money. Like the market today the market during the .
             Middle Ages changed everyday and the people working it had to know .
             how to work it the Merchant and that stock broker know how.
             The Skipper like Captain Ahab from the classic novel Moby Dick .
             is a proud man in all things he does. " As for his skills in reckoning his tides, .
             currents and many other risks besides moons, harbors, pilots he had such dispatch .
             that none from the hull to Carthage was his match." (P.115 line 411) The .
             Skipper takes no prisoners; also Ahab takes no prisoners he is only after one thing .
             the great white whale and he wants no other whales but that one. The skipper is a .
             man with some physical characteristics much like the physical appearance of .

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