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Three Types of Aircraft

             The following Report contains material on Aeronautical Engineering and its impact on societies History and Present. Aeronautics, changed the ways of travel and warfare. There were three different types of aircraft developed during the 20th century. The Propeller aircraft, Jet aircraft and the Helicopter. This report contains a synopsis on the fields of work involving these aircraft, the materials used, a brief history on all three types and there uses in society.
             Brief History: - .
             The first concept of rotary-wing aviation came from the Chinese. .
             Da Vinci's vaunted spiral design created in 1490, called the Helical Air Screw, has often been cited as the first serious attempt to produce a working helicopter. A wide amount of minor inventions contributed to the advancement of the helicopter. Between the Fifteenth and Twentieth Centuries, adequate machinery needed to produce helicopters, like turbine engines and rotors, was not yet made possible by assembly lines, but as the Industrial Revolution prompted factories and technology accelerated, the helicopter evolved. One of the first breakthroughs in helicopter advancement was by George Cayley who produced a converti-plane in 1843. A man named Bourne flew the helicopter-like aircraft a year later. All helicopter models at this time lacked suitable power to achieve flight and were both bulky and heavy.
             The early Twentieth Century produced many historic moments in rotary-wing aviation. Brothers Louis and Jacques Breget rose some two inches off the ground in their helicopter model. A Frenchman named Paul Cornu also achieved free flight in his model in 1907. Military Interest in the helicopter during World War I contributed to its advancement also. An aircraft model for military advancement was needed for more versatile and precise war tactics. With better technology and more need, the next step in helicopter advancement would soon come.

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