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             The history of flight generally begans with the first flight in 1903. Many attemps by thousands of brillant minds tried but as of December 17th 1903 two brothers, the Wright brothers, suceeded. One person to try to fly was George Cayley. In 1835 he launched a coachmen into flight. The only thing it was not powered, it was a glider. Cayley contributed greatly to aeronautics, discovering the forces of lift, drag and thrust. Jonh Stringfellow, sucessfully flew a steam-powered monoplane in 1846. This was considered to be one of the first engine-driven flights. Harium Maxim invented a biplane. Which he launched but was not sucessful. .
             The Wright brothers had every part of their experiments recorded on photographs. The Wright brothers then persauded an employ from a nearby store to snap all parts of their testing of the "flying machine." When they finally had it up into the air the "machine" it had an altitude of 10 feet, traveled 120 feet, and landed 12 seconds after take off. Naming the "machine", the Kitty Hawk. During the same day they sucessfully made two longer flights. After developing the pictures, they were sent to their father, who gave them to the press. In 1908 they produced the first U.S. Army airplane. Then in August of 1908 they made their first public flight, continuing theit public flights til the end of that year.
             Influncing many other inventors such as John Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown. They made the first non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean. This all took place in1919. The name of the aircraft was " Vickers Vimy", with John Alock as captian and Arthur Brown as navigator. .
             On August 13, 1929 women's growing role in aviation was in the public's spotlight. One woman espaically, Louise Thaden, who became the first woman to win an all comerws national race, the Bendix Derby. Each contestant was required to carry three days worth of food anda atleast one gallon water. The requirment noted the dangerous conditions.

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