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My Career Goal - Web Designer

            When I was in high school, I remember the first time I learned what a blog was. I remember spending more time with how the blog should look than actually making posts or talking to people. But it wasn't until recently that I became very interested in the web designs. With time the more I learned about computers, the more curious I became on how websites were designed. My goal now is to become a Web designer. Web designers must code programs to properly format and add content pages for websites. Using the following skills; remain up to the task with technology, creativity, communication, and concentration. I will complete my goal. I am currently in my first semester of web design but I still have a long way to go.
             A web designer has remained up to the task with technological advances because new tools are being developed very frequently. Nowadays, since the web is being accessed by a number of wireless devices such as the cell phone and Bluetooth enabled computers, the web designer has to work more towards optimization of the web pages. Via social media and news sites, books and magazines I have found out many new technology and new gadgets. Also I can keep up with technology based on my needs. Over the years every time new technology devices are out, I probably need it. New phones with new features, new programs that make work or school work easier to do, or a new camera with updated features to record funny memories. Web design requires creativity to interpret ideas and concepts and to then apply them. Web designers not only add to the creative front of the website, but also make sure the needs of .
             the costumer's ideas are met. They create animations; determine the visual elements such as the font and style. They also change the style of the website frequently and created new ideas. In the past I have played with a program called Photoshop which is photo editing software. I learned how to use the program watching tutorials on YouTube.

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