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Education Or Certification

             Without it, your chances for obtaining any worthwhile technology position are bound to be rather slim, even with a degree! For decades Universities have been the default location for higher learning. At the same time, the increasing demand and use of technology has created a need for the specialized training and courses that aren't found at traditional universities, but through certification or technical schools. .
             College does a great job of exposing you to different aspects of the Information Technology (IT) field, but no real specialized instruction. On the other hand, certification focuses on specific skills but doesn't leave much room for a variety of career choices due to a limited knowledge base. The purpose of colleges of technology (certification schools) is to conduct in-depth learning in specialized disciplines and to develop student's abilities necessary for employment. Colleges of technology, unlike universities or junior colleges, admit the graduates of lower secondary schools. The purpose of universities, as the centers of advanced learning, is to provide students with wide-ranging knowledge and to conduct in-depth teaching and research in specialized academic disciplines. The term of study is usually four years. Upon completion, graduates are awarded a bachelors degree.
             Due to the effects of the economy and the expanding IT field, many companies are demanding a little more than just a degree. So which better prepares students for the world of work; Universities or Tech Schools? To answer that question we first need to know what information technology is composed of. Information Technology is the field of careers that deals with the accumulation, storage, management, and retrieval of data. Beyond that, it also involves the development of the hardware and software that handle this massive data accumulation and storage. As you see, it can be subdivided into dozens of various specialty fields, depending on the individual needs of a particular segment of industry or commerce.

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